The hard work of building can only be accomplished through hard work and dedication and calls to action; implementation of Quran'ic injunctions into our everyday life as well as denouncement and admonition of that which goes against the teachings of Islam.  

"And hold fast, all together, by the rope of Allah, and be not divided among yourselves; and remember with gratitude Allah’s favour on you, for you were enemies and He united your hearts, so that by His grace you became brothers”(3:103)

We expect to engage with Muslims from all backgrounds, and look forward to incorporating feedback from our town hall sessions.


preserving history

We want to tell, preserve, and pass down our stories. Make a commitment to the preservation Muslim in America this Ramadan. Sponsor a film narrative to preserve Islamic history, to tell our diverse stories, and to pass it down to the coming generations.  We are capturing hundreds of untold stories of conversion, immigration, Muslim triumphs and Muslims suffering, and putting it into film, digital preservation, and book narrative.  

What makes MWB different? 

Mosque Without Borders (MWB) is committed to building bridges between American Muslims of different backgrounds - specifically immigrants and converts - by offering unique tools and strategies to combatting anti-Muslim sentiment and ending Muslim sectarianism. 

While many organizations work to defend Muslims against islamophobia, since we believe in moral purpose, it is imperative that Muslim Americans service internal issues before we can adequately service external issues; the greater community. In other words, we need to clean our own house before we can clean the houses of others.

​​Sectarianism encompasses bigotry, racism, and extremism. Muslim sectarianism It is one of the greatest challenges that we face as Muslims during these times. Ending sectarianism is up to Allah. However, we can put a dent into it while we promote unity and understanding between each other, and help bring down the barriers between Muslims of different races, ethnicities and backgrounds. We want to show people that there is an alternative to the sectarian mindset that plagues our ummah. This begins by awareness and dialogue.

Sectarianism is taught, and it can be untaught. Mosque Without Borders is partnering with other mosques and communities to hold town meetings and community forums to talk out in the open about racial, ethnic, and doctrinal division between Muslim Americans. 


Mosque Without Borders


“And be not like those who became divided and disagreed among themselves after clear proofs had come to them. And it is they for whom there shall be a great punishment.”

 Al-Imran 3:106​​


continuing the work

MWB, headed by American Scholar of Islam - Imam Luqman Ahmad - is a continuation of the work we have been doing for nearly twenty years.  Through leadership and education, we’ve spent the last 16 years reaching out to the non-Muslim community with outreach an inter-faith dialogue. We must couple that outreach with having our own internal dialogue about our differences. We’ve reached thousands with this message, but there is so much more to do. Please donate today. 


Stronger Together

Circa 1960, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania




"Mosque Without Borders is committed to providing the platform and tools

to empower all Muslims to understand how sectarianism  

 - as the root of disunity, extremism, and violence -  

must be denounced"

We are dedicated

MWB focuses on raising awareness through multimedia devices based on the foundation of traditional Islamic scholarship. We aim to provide solution oriented content and services to the community. 

People matter. This organization was born out of passion for preserving the true practice of Islam  and large in part in response to the needs expressed by many, many Muslims from all over the world - American converts in particular.

While there may be some people who are bent upon disunity, arguing amongst one another and political infighting in our mosques, there are a lot of other people who think that there is a better way. Sectarianism is taught, and it can be untaught, this is what Mosque without Borders is all about. We’ve already the first workshop on this topic but we need to reach more Muslims who are concerned about sectarianism and its unhealthy effects on our ummah and our communities here in the United States. And this is why I need your help. 

The Prophet ﷺ once said; “shall I not inform you about something that’s better in rank than fasting, charity and sadaqa? They said yes! (O Messenger of Allah). He said: “Making peace between people because bad relationships between people destroys (the religion). [Collected by at-Tirmithee]