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MWB wants to hear bout American Muslim Communities who are working to address racial, ethnic, and religious sectarianism in their masasjid. 


The needs of American Muslim converts are unique, and meeting those needs at a practical level can make or break the foundation that their Islam grows upon.

Mosque Without Borders wants to ensure that all converts to Islam have access to pure, unsectarianized Islamic teachings.

The Prophet ﷺ once said; “shall I not inform you about something that’s better in rank than fasting, charity and sadaqa? They said yes! (O Messenger of Allah). He said: “Making peace between people because bad relationships between people destroys (the religion). [Collected by at-Tirmithee] 

‘Who is he that will loan to Allah a beautiful loan which Allah will double unto his credit and multiply it many times?’ [2:245].

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tell us your story

We need to document our diverse experiences and record our challenges as well as our triumphs for future generations to learn from. [link] MWB wants to hear about American Muslim communities who are working to address racial, ethnic, and religious sectarianism in their masaajid.

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Want to hear how your community can work on sectarianism? Mosque Without Borders will come to your local masjid or Islamic Center to deliver a presentation on how to address sectarianism in your community.

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Mosque Without Borders (MWB) is a non-profit organization that addresses racial, ethnic, and religious sectarianism within the Muslim community living in the United States.

We do this through leadership, dialogue, public awareness, research, and providing advocacy, education, and humanitarian services.

Race and sectarianism are among the largest divisive issues faced by the American Muslim Community.

Isn't it time for us to address these ills?



The time has come for us to have the conversation about the great divide between the immigrant and American Muslim convert community. 

The American Muslim convert is the most marginalized, disadvantaged, and institutionalized segment of the American Muslim community. 

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In conjunction with MWB, The American Muslim Historical Society has embarked on a huge venture to document and encapsulate American Muslim History - specific to the United States. This project is something that all Muslims will want to take part in. 

The Muslim community has much work to be done in the fight to raise awareness against sectarianism. We need your help in sustaining this much needed work.

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